Are you interested in buying a laser cleaning technology?

4Jet group manufacture the highest quality German laser systems using European and American components.
If buying a laser cleaning machine is what you are looking for, then 4Jet will have the suiatable mobile laser cleaning machine for your enterprise.
  • Low overheads
  • Small footprint
  • No ongoing consumables
  • Rugged construction

Project Laser are proud to be the Australasian agents for 4Jet, Built with a rugged frame and a handpiece that has been tested around Australian facilities and workshops you can be confident that the system is built to last for 50,000-100,000 hours.

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    Why buy a laser cleaning machine

    Laser cleaning has been around for 30 years, only now has the technology become compact enough to be used used in a mobile setting Below are some of the benefits of impleemnting this rapidly expanding and exciting technology.

    No ongoing consumables

    Laser cleaning does not use abrasives, chemicals, water or any other daily consumables, resulting in low operational costs

    NON destructive cleaning

    All hard surfaces can have thin layers of residue or contamination removed without damaging the underlying substrate.

    100,000 hours

    There is no ongoing maintenance requirments when you purchase a 4Jet laser cleaning system

    Built for automation

    4Jet are specialsit in laser automation

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    Ergonomic handpiece

    The gun style handpiece with top handle is comfortable over many hours of operation

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    Mobile service ready

    the heavy duty cart with large wheels is suitable to be loaded in the back of a truck or van

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    Shutdown approved

    The laser cleaning machine has been utilised during major shutdowns in Western Australia

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    Project Laser services

    girth gear laser cleaning

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    Project Laser cater to the Resources, Commercial and restorative sectors, protecting, maintaining and revitalising assets and infrastructure. Our non destructive technology can remove most thin coatings and residues.

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