Non contact cleaning

Laser cleaning can clean without damaging the underlying substrate. In short, a pulsed laser can be held in one spot and there will be no material loss, there would be heat input into the substrate, this is not usually an issue on thick steel.

Project laser offer a mobile service operating throughout Western Australia that can carry out cleaning of critical components onsite at your workshop, warehouse or resource asset, laser cleaning works without using chemicals or abrasive materials and with minimal environmental impact.

  • Gears
  • pinions
  • Rotating equipment
  • fixed plant
  • Engines and pistons

Working around critical assets

Dustless, low noise, and capable of operating in a small footprint

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Flanges and mating faces

True non contact cleaning, free of pitting and scratches

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Turbomachinery components

Housings, bearings, filters have been cleaned with our laser system

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Girth gears & pinions

Laser cleaning brings the underlying surface back to new

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Benefits of laser cleaning

Precision components that suffer from material loss during traditional cleaning activites or that require labour intensive or gentle manual cleaning can now be cleaned with pulsed lasers.
This guarantees no damage to the underlying substrate

Precision cleaning

Project laser have a specialsit type of laser cleaning machine that can not profile or remove material, using our laser cleaning machine can extend life on precision tooling that would be damaged by abrasives.

Chemical free

Laser cleaning can greatly reduce time consuming and labour intensive chemical stripping activities. By harnessing light we can effectively remove thin residues and contamination layers

We are fully mobile

We bring the solution to you, Asset and equipment owners can reduce costs and time loss associated with using offsite blasting and stripping services
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