Laser cleaning improves dye penetrant visibility

Before laser cleaning

Lasers effectively remove corrosion, paint and residue from within cracks and defects

After laser cleaning

Defect detection is improved after non destructive laser pulses remove surface contamination

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Benefits of laser cleaning for NDT surface prep

Pulsed lasers are specifically designed not to profile or damage the underlying surface, this means we can remove surface contamintion leaving the true untouched surface, ready for inspection dye pen or magnetic particle testing.

No abrasives or secondary contamination

Laser cleaning shines in confiend spaces, tanks, reactors and vessels can be cleaned without leaving a mess

NO smearing

Unlike blasting or grinding, a laser can not smear or fold over the edges.

Non contact cleaning

A precisely tuned and operated laser will not damage the underlying substrate, the clean surface is free of damage and residue

Laser cleaning NDT surface prep

Laser cleaning technology is an ideal tool to be used during maintenance,asset and shutdown NDT surface prep.

Laser cleaning can be used to remove paint, corrosion, residue and coatings prior to NDT inspection.

By harnessing our laser technology and trained technicians you eliminate abrasives, dust and secondary contamination that is a risk and hazard during traditional preparation techniques. whilst the laser can clean out residue left inside defets that could have otherwise been forced inside by traditional methodology

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    Vessel NDT prep

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    Thread surface prep

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    Tube sheet cleaning

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