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Laser removal of smoke damage

Precisely vaporise soot

Smoke damage can be removed selectively and precisely from bricks, paving, painted surfaces, wooden and steel beams as well as from ornate and decorative pieces.

Insurance builders, councils, major loss builders can all make use of the highly effective and dry laser removal technology for fast and non-contact removal of soot

Laser cleaning is carried out in situ without imparting or damaging the underlying substrate, the unique benefits of pulsed lasers mean that all solid surfaces can effectively be cleaned without using soda or dry ice blasting, nor any chemicals or water.

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Benefits of laser cleaning for smoke damage

Smoke and fire damage removal can benefit from laser cleaning in a large variety of applications, the technology is widely used, having been used on the Notre Dame Catherdral

Laser cleaning technology has been used extensively around Perth to remove smoke damage in a variety of residential commerical and historic applications,

No water or chemicals

Laser cleaning is great for sensitive environments, either indoors or in nature where chemicals could pose a risk to nature or assets

Complete capabilities

All hard surfaces can have soot removed with a laser cleaning machine, delicate architraves, old door frames, painted walls, bath tubs and more can all be selectively cleaned

Non contact cleaning

A precisely tuned and operated laser will not damage the underlying substrate, the clean surface is free of damage and residue

Face brick before

Before carrying out 40qm of smoke damage cleaning

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Face brick after

severe smoke damage was effectively removed with our 500w laser

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Internal rammed earth

this crumbly rammed earth wall was an ideal candidate for laser cleaning

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Cement board

Laser brings the underlying surface back to new

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